Skap’s wooden storage unit iPhone/iPod dock with integrated radio

Over time iPod and iPhone docking stations have seen various avatars. There is no end to how creative people can get with creating these out of the box and luxuriously appealing creations for Apple device. Nonetheless, we have always been fascinated by these docking stations and this Skap’s wooden storage unit dock is no different, this is fascinating to the core as well.

Measuring 195cm x 46cm x 61cm, this wooden storage unit has a universal Apple dock, i.e. it is compatible with iPhone, iPod or iPad. The docking station features a remote control, which the user can use to control input and all the main functions of the unit. The docking station has integrated radio and is equipped with its own high quality stereo speakers, which means you don’t need any external speakers with this. The unit’s drawers are made of sawn oak or walnut and its exterior is painted white or black.



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