Bike helmet of the future: LumaHelm glows to indicate directions and brakes

We all prefer wearing helmets, then whether it is while riding a bike or while skateboarding. There are most who like their helmets the way they are, and there are some who make their own communicating helmets. Designed by Wouter Walmink, Alan Chatham and Floyd Mueller, the LumaHelm is a glowing helmet a rider can use to communicate, express and play on the street.

The communicating LumaHelm has been fitted with 104 multi-colored LEDs that illuminate when the rider tilts his head left or right, in a manner, working as indicators. This is possible with the LEDs hooked up to an Arduino Uno, which allows the AA battery powered LEDs to be controlled individually. The microcontroller placed inside the rider’s pocket, with help of an accelerometer inside the helmet, senses movement of the head and translates the same into light patterns, to indicate direction (on the sides) and brake (on the back of the helmet).

The designers, who don’t have a plan to manufacture the LumaHelm anytime soon, think this could relive cyclists and skateboarders from poking their hand out to indicate directions. And could also assist rock climbers, workers on construction sites and in any other activity requiring a helmets to communicate in a more playful and interactive manner.



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