Now a suction foot mat that sucks dirt from shoes

We’re accustomed to a plethora of unusual and wired things; still Japanese don’t give us a chance to take a sigh of relief, one after the other they are up with something unusual to show. One entrant amid all things bizarre is this suction mat that removes dirt from the shoe soles developed by Paionia Furyokuki. The mat is made to suck up all the dirt from the shoes yet remain clean and leave the room it guards – speckles.

Each mat measuring 5cm wide and a meter long is built in with cleaner, hose and sensors. The sensors on the mat detect a person approaching the mat, and turns on the cleaner that sucks up all the dirt from the shoe sole inside and keeps the top of the mat and the shoe absolutely clean. The mat is priced at 500,000 yen (approx. $6,250), crazy! 6 grand for a mat, I’d prefer an extra rub on my rugged foot mat, and you?

Via: Diginfo



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