Live your space fantasies with NASA certified spacesuit

Space Travel is becoming a serious and potential market for huge corporate, especially, after the plans revealed by big guns like SpaceX, Boeing, Sierra Nevada, and Virgin. They’ll be charging a huge part of your wealth to serve you coffee in space. But, these space travel agencies would need some additional things to make it practical and of course space suit is the first most needed thing. Therefore, Final Frontier Design are offering a space suit for $10,000 and the project is on Kickstarter asking for $20,000 for a boost. FFD wants to provide a lightweight, inexpensive, and highly functional space suit and that too with a flight certification from NASA.

Present NASA space suits are too expensive costing in millions and that takes them out of reach.  FFD targets to build a third generation space suit before 2013 and for that upgrading in the second-generation suit it had built in 2011. The second-generation space suit includes a carbon fiber waist ring, a retractable helmet, improved gloves and is optimized to work in higher pressures.  The basic purpose of this space suit is to help facilitating Intra Vehicular Activity or you can say, this space suit is a safety backup in case there is a loss of pressure inside the cabin.

If you can’t afford a NASA space suit and the ticket to the space ship, even then at least, you can pretend to be floating in space with this alternative suit and if you can’t even afford this suite, live your space fantasies wearing the helmet only.

Via: CNet.



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