Light and sound automation from your browser without programming with Hauntbox

There is rarely any Kickstarter project that goes without amazing us; and Hauntbox here is one such project which enhances people’s creativity and makes micro-controller programming a child’s play.

Well an open hardware project by Aylr from Salt Lake City, dubbed the Hauntbox, it is as explained a “browser configured, sensor actuated, open source Arduino-compatible prop controller and automation machine.” Now, what this means is that Hauntbox is a project which offers advantage to a user to effortlessly control interactive environment without the need of any programming.

If you’ve always looked out for an easy way to automate your home haunts, then the Hauntbox is probably tailor made for you. Using only sensors and output plugs the Hauntbox hooks up to your network, and can be used with the help of a browser on your PC, laptop or smartphone. The project’s simple visual interface allows the browser to provide up to 6 inputs and 6 outputs, which are released from the settings page of the Hauntbox.

While there are numerous examples of how the Hauntbox can be used to control home haunts, lighting, LEDs, sound effects much more, there are chance that the same can be used in small films and interactive art etc. The goal for Aylr with the Hauntbox project is to manufacture minimum 100 units if it has to come out of the prototype stage into the real world, for which $13,000 are needed. $2,287 have already been pledged, if you’re fascinated by the easy control mechanism of the Hauntbox, then go ahead and pledge some.

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