Custom built PJD chrome bike takes cue from P-51 mustang fighter plane

We’ve seen all sorts of monstrous bikes and customized bikes, we’ve also seen cute bikes and some outrageous bikes, but where can we slot the PJD bike is beyond me. I have no words to express the sophistication and class of this really stunning bike by Paul Jr. (who we know from the famous American Choppers). Paul Jr.’s all-new and much-kept-secret the PJD bike made with inspiration drawn from the classic P-51 mustang fighter plane of the WWII ear, is a custom creation sure to thrill fans to the core.

Paul Jr. has been mechanically inclined for most part of his creative career, and this bike that picks cues from the WWII plane’s design is a perfect example of the designer’s creativity and eye for mechanical detail. Unveiled at the 2012 Daytona Beach Motorcycle Show, the PJD bike won the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike championship, all thanks to its never-before seen chrome and stainless steel body, 6 speed automatic transmission and custom made PJD/Renegade wheels.

Via: Paul Jr. Design



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