Ford Mustang laden with Microsoft Windows technologies is one hell of a roadster

What do you get when a raw American hot rod muscle car, latest technologies and cloud connectivity are all combined into one? You get the thumping 2012 Mustang retrofitted with Dynacorn’s 1967 Mustang fastback replica body and fitted with latest Microsoft technologies which have never been used in automobiles before this. Also known as the Project Detroit, the heads up display inside the car is laden with augmented reality right in the windshield and Kinect on front and rear provides skeletal tracking along with streaming of videos.

There is a swipe able touchscreen dashboard display and honed by the Windows Azure in cloud and Windows Phone application, this car has to be the one of the most tech savvy projects ready to hit the roads soon. Here is a look at what each component provides in this Ford Mustang.

# Windows Phone integration

To keep track of car’s location when it is out of sight and to unlock or even start the engine using Viper SmartStart app for Windows Phone.

# WiFi and 4G wireless connectivity

For cloud connection and stay in touch with online network at all times.

# Digital Instrument Cluster

To keep in tune with the Mustang’s dignified style statement you can choose different dashboard skins like 1967 Mustang, a 2012 Mustang and a Windows 8 Metro design style version.


A Heads Up Display that is reminiscent of fighter jet planes with separate views for driver’s display and passenger side display. With Bing Map information right in front of your eyes you can keep track of nearby restaurants or shopping centers. While on the other hand passenger can play games in his display without distracting the driver.

# Ford Sync

Providing update information on traffic and allowing hands-free communication integrated with voice control applications.

# Customizable rear windshield

It allows the driver to display customized messages so that other drivers can be made aware of some situation like punctured tyre or maybe even a distress message.

# Audio system and entertainment

One can use the external audio system for playing varied horn sounds and with Kinect integration one can play movies, video feed of people nearby and more.

Via: Channel9.msdn



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