O2Amps glasses enhance perception of skin color and read our emotions

You are in a market and suddenly a mob gathers around you, you’re uncertain of what you have done and you’re steadily turning pale yellow in fear. The next moment you realize it’s not you but the burglar behind you that the mob is coming for, you’re relived and glowing red in content again. This is how our body (skin) changes colors and how we have come to recognize each color pertaining to how oxygenated or deoxygenated our body is. Now, a team of researchers at from 2AI Labs have created what they call the O2Amps – a pair of glasses with three designs filters lighting in a different way, which they believe will enhance the wearer’s perception to this change in color of our skin (or blood physiology).

One thing I’ve feared with doctors and nurse is the prick of the vein to draw out blood testing, but with the first design filter in the glasses “vein-finders” that increase visibility of red oxygenated blood, I could be fearless, as this would allow nurses and doctors to find veins effortlessly. The next design filter is “Hemo-finders” it enhance the color difference between the blue skin (clotting of the blood) and yellowish skin (blood draining regions) which’ll make it easier for paramedics to identify injury by mere looking at the body. The third type of design filter in the glasses is “Health-monitors” which increases wearer’s ability to distinguish between yellow and blue and red and green skin colors.

The O2Amps glasses that see right through the skin (literally) are specially made for doctors and medics who rely on changes in skin color to make about 15% of their initial diagnosis. But these glasses that are presently being sold to medical distributors could soon be a common site with all of us to identify emotional cues to know who’s faking that tear or a smile, when the O2Amps makes public debut in 2013.




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