Carbon fiber PUMA/Laird stand-up paddle board inspired by a boat hull

It’s been a while since we have acquainted you to some seriously amazing carbon fiber gear, but without any further audio here is a stand-up paddleboard made in carbon fiber. Dubbed the PUMA/Laird Board, this stand up paddleboard is result of a collaboration between PUMA’s dream team, iconic surfer Laird Hamilton and Juan Yacht Designs’ Juan Kouyoumdjian. Built by Carbon and Components, Rohde Island, USA, and distributed by Surftech, this paddleboard, that’s sheer sublime to both see and ride, we assume will surely be what every water sport enthusiast would want to grab.

Kouyoumdjian the mastermind behind PUMA’s Volvo Open 70 race yacht, Mar Mostro, is also the brain behind the PUMA, Liard Board. Thus, there is no surprise that the paddleboard inherits many features of the Mar Mostro, including the similar lightweight carbon fiber and is therefore the only peddleboard inspired by a boat hull. The board designed specifically for flat water riding has a foam core carbon fiber center and epoxy matrix for more speed and lighter feel on waters. Measuring 14 feet x 31.5 inches x 12 inches, the PUMA/Laird Board is priced at $6,500, any takers?

Via: CarbonFiberGear



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  1. There is no surprise that the paddleboard inherits many features of the Mar Mostro.

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