Robot themed restaurant in China awaits you with robot cooks and waiters

Themed restaurants have come of age; we’ve seen all kinds of theme based restaurants and hotels making appearance, but there is still scope for robot themed restaurant. Robot waiters and servicemen are actually the future, and that’s exactly what a robot themed restaurant will display. In case you’re freaked out by the concept, then pack your bags and fly to the China’s Heilongjiang province’s capital, Harbin, where a restaurant has robot waiters ready to serve you the meal of your liking. The restaurant has about 18 robots working in different capacities in the restaurant. While you, as a guest, will see robots delivering you dishes at your table, inside the kitchen there are other robots that are doing the dishes, boiling dumplings and cooking what you are being served. I am just dying to be in Harbin! Are you?

Via: ChinaDaily



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