Stephen Hawking’s brain will surely get hacked before lights go out

Stephen hawking has got to be one of the brainiest theoretical physicist in the world who has given new vision to modern day scientific works. At the age of 70 his already bad motor neurone disease which led to his loss of speech 30 years ago, gave him only one option to communicate to the world that is using a computer. Seeing this he is working with fellow scientists at Stanford University to develop a tool called iBrain which will communicate directly with his brain. Philip Low (professor at Stanford University), the inventor of iBrain tool which measures electrical activity is essentially a brain scanner for reading what Stephen Hawking will be thinking.

More precisely the iBrain tool will hack into the brain of Stephen because his body condition is getting worse by the day. According to Hawking and Low they have identified the method to create patterns of impulses by imagining moving hand and limbs which allows the tool to recognize what the brain is trying to think. As the technology gains momentum it will surely allow scientists to precisely read what is inside the human mind but for now their only concern is to find a way to communicate with Stephen Hawking’s brain which has many deep secrets hidden inside.

Via: Telegraph



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