RM 032 Dark Diver Automatic Chronograph is world’s best watch for underwater adventures

Taking water resistance to a whole new level the Limited Edition Richard Mille’s RM 032 Dark Diver Automatic Chronograph coming in just 30 pieces is perfectly crafted for deep sea expedition. Being water resistant up to the amazing depth of 300 meters (30 atmospheres) strictly in compliance with ISO 6425 diver’s watch norms, this watch is marvel of modern day chronographs. Getting such depth of water resistance for a chronograph is very difficult simply because of the water pressure which tends to unintentionally start the chronograph due to compression on pushers and crown. To get over this problem Richard Mille came up with a locking crown that makes sure there is no pressure on the pushers and therefore it ensures perfect water resistance.

RM 032 Dark Diver Automatic Chronograph has the hallmark Richard Mille 50-mm tripartite titanium case with curved contour for ergonomic comfort and the dark looks courtesy DLC treatment on buckle, black bezel indicators, pushers and rubber straps make it special. To provide maximum visibility of the watch underwater the running indicator disc, hands and hour markers are embedded with Superluminova elements. You can get your hands on this RM 032 Dark Diver Automatic Chronograph at the Richard Mille Boutique Beverly Hills, California.

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  1. Sinn says:

    RM watches are truly out of this world, the All Sapphire Crystal Watch RM056 is over the top, but chronograph, undervater, amazing 300 meters bla bla bla is silly, even with tourbillion movement. Sinn EZM10, U1000 both chronograps, first one 200 meters, second one 1000 meters….whats the big dealio…….

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