LivingShapes interactive mirror transforms out of shape-shifting OLED installation

The New Art of Light excelling in creation of interactive OLED installations to get people’s mind swirling has developed this interactive mirror. On the first look this OLED grid looks nothing more than a light fitting, simple house décor equipment, but ideally it is an intelligent mirror decked out with state of the art sensors that detect the approaching person to change form.

Dubbed the LivingShapes, the OLED light installation senses a person coming close to it, when the person approaches near, the interactive mirror shapes out the outline of the person and moves the OLED around in such a shape that the field of vision for the user isn’t interfered. This is how the OLEDs can transform into a mirror when required and can be a worthwhile installation at home on other occasions.

The interactive mirror is an ideal fixture for any high-tech hotel or your home, provided you’re willing to shell out some cash. Going by the fact that the intelligent mirror formed out of the transforming light installation submerges the observer into an aura of shadow-free and very natural OLED lights, we guess this will not come for a nominal price. We are fascinated are you?



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