Talking robotic head developed by Aussie teen amazes the world [W/Video]

South Australian student Marshall Tearle has designed a robotic head for his Year 12 Research Project which is capable of making facial expressions and talk by moving the mouth perfectly in tune with voice sounds. With help from his father and technical studies teacher Fred Jarrett, Marshall created this robotic speaking head and programmed it himself with sequence of movements to achieve perfection in the sync element as the robotic head speaks.

The robotic head can look around and do other natural gestures to compliment the realist voice effect which is really impressive as the audio fed into the head makes the mouth move exactly in accordance.

Marshall dreams of one day working for the animatronics division of film-making and said that it would be a dream come alive to work with studios like Stan Winston (animatronics developers for movies like Jurassic Park, Terminator and Avatar). According to Fred, Marshall has excellent knowledge and requisite skills in maths, physics and electronics which ultimately led to the development of this robotics project.

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