The Ascent is superman-like way of flying with the mind alone

Man has always been enthusiastic about flying since time immemorial. We have planes and rockets to fly us still the concept of personal flying eludes us, this is where installations like The Ascent by Yehuda Duenyas, which lets a user soar high in the air with the power of concentration alone, come into play. The Ascent is a kind of art, adventure and spiritual live-action simulator, which lets the user harness his brain’s electrical impulse, using Emotiv EEG reading headset, to levitate some 30 feet into the air.

This personal flying simulator installation was brought close to you at a warehouse in Sunset Park, Brooklyn last month. It played host to some 160+ riders who forced their concentration power to lift them of the ground to the amusement of the onlookers. The warehouse had a huge circular track of lights and cables suspending from the ceiling, while a similar circular track with immense lighting lay on the floor. For the fun of it all, the user was outfitted with a harness and an EEG headset and then taken to the center of the circular track where by careful concentration (the electrical activity of the neurons in the brain processed by custom built software to communicate) the user is lifted high in the air.

To most of you out there this may seems as a simple trick but the result isn’t anything short of a dream and Yehuda for now seems to be thriving on this unreal and unbelievable reaction of the visitors and users. Now with the Brooklyn affair ending for Yehuda, he still has no ambitious plans for his spiritual flying simulation.

Via: NYTimes



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