3D printed interactive Soundscope MIDI controller plays music with fingers

With the interactive Soundscope forget using buttons and knobs on a MIDI controller, here you take control by simply moving fingers on the 3D printed surface of the device. Created by Kale Joines the Soundscope MIDI controlled musical interactive surface is a 3D printed black leather surface attached to a rosewood base.

Bringing interactivity and tactility back into music, the Soundscope gives music controls to the user who can alter the sound of music with the touch of a finger. This is made possible by the visual typography texture on the surface of the Soundscope. Under the 3D printed surface, run through USB port and digital music program, lie circuits which are triggered by the touch of the finger and depending on the sequence and spread of signals the music is played.

Via: Vimeo

Soundscape from Kale Joines on Vimeo.



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