Sleep mask mimics brainwaves to let you sleep in subtle light and music

Who would have thought humans would one day need Entrainment device to help them fall asleep? Well, the harsh reality confronts us, but thank goodness we have KickStarter projects like the NeuroDreamer out there to assist us in every which way possible. NeuroDreamer, as the image above suggests, is a sleep mask which plays with light and sound to impersonate brainwave frequencies that occur when the person is falling asleep.

Made out of comfortable memory foam and washable soft cotton the NeuroDreamer sleep mask by Mitch Altman, through fading lights and soothing music cajoles the mind to fall asleep much like the natural way our body calms down to rest. Today’s hectic lifestyle has taken its toll on all of us, there is no time to relax in the competitive scenario therefore the peace of mind is lost with the mind running in circles, this is where the NeuroDreamer sleep mask comes in, it gently guides the brain to rest, perhaps that’s what we want.

The NeuroDreamer sleep mask entrainment device produces brainwave frequencies corresponding to the natural brainwave activity using binaural beats synced well with beautiful music and fading lights which are all controlled by the microcontroller embedded in the mask. The NeuroDreamer sleep mask has 3 buttons on the side to choose the brightness of the lights, the music to be played and the volume at which the music is to be played.

In case you are an insomniac or need artificial assistance to sleep, then the NeuroDreamer sleep mask could be yours for a planned $100 when produced. And it could also be yours for only $90 if you pledge the amount for the Kickstarter project now.

Via: KickStarter/DiscoveryNews



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