5 coolest personal water powered ways to fly

Water Powered Ways to Fly

You love water sports and you hate traffic jams, but you need a solution? Well, water powered device to fly you over the traffic congestions could be one outright solution. No, it’s no future, water powered jetpacks and bikes have been made and it’s just matter of time before you’d be flying in one of your personal jetpack or a water powered bike. Though, the technology is really juvenile and nothing besides the likes of a Jetlev-Flyer or a Jetovator has enticed us so far, but it is surely the future of transportation. Hit the jump to see 5 most fascinating water powered ways to fly.


The Jetlev-Flyer is a personal water powered jetpack that weighs in at 30 pounds and is joined to a small boat that follows the jetpack where it flies, providing it with the water supply it requires to remain airborne. The jetpack has a 33 feet long polyester and rubber hose attached from the boat through which the flyer soaks up water to fly at about 25mph about 30 feet high. The Jetlev-Flyer has a 260hp engine and a foam and fiberglass made backrest and race car style harness to keep the pilot comfortable in the $99,500 water powered jetpack.


If you thought water powered jetpack was the only way to fly with water, reconsider! The Flyboard not only let you fly but also lets you dive in and out of water adding more fun to flying. The jets of the Flyboard are attached to the pilot’s feet, which gives him more options to maneuver plus the steering mechanism in the hand adds to the safety of turning. The Flyboard that consumes water through a jetski output, costs only $6,600.


Way beyond the jetpack and the Flyboard is the Jetovator, a water powered flying bike. It is a aluminum motorcycle shaped device attached to a 50 feet hose that sucks up water to keep the user airborne at an altitude as high as 30 feet. Priced at about $9,000 the Jetovator with top speeds of 22mph is targeted towards thrill seekers with their own water craft, which is required to power the Jetovator.

DIY jetpack

A thought would have passed you when you would have thought creating water powered jetpacks is no man’s play? But Jem Stansfield has proven you wrong with his DIY jetpack that will propel you into air someday. For now Jem’s jetpack stunts were only seen on Bang Goes The Theory – a BBC show, where he engineered a water powered jetpack to do a 360 around a playground swing. Who knows one day we’re flying Jem’s water powered beauty to work.

Rescue Water-Jetpack

Still in its conceptual stage, the Rescue Water-Jetpack by designer Jurmol Yao is inspired by the Jetlev-Flyer we’ve discussed earlier in the list. The main purpose of the Rescue water-jetpack is to reach areas of rescue where lifeboats cannot reach. Powered by high-pressure water generated by a pump, the Rescue Water-Jetpack is foot controlled, leaving the hands of the flyer free to carry out the rescue operations.



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