Arcade Trunk XXL simulator by Pinel & Pinel is luxurious way to enjoy video games

You never would have dreamed of playing arcade games with luxurious experience that is unmatched to the core. Pinel & Pinel (Paris luggage and luxury leather goods brand) have upped the ante in simulation arcade gaming arena with their latest Arcade Trunk XXL. Giving the term arcade a whole new meaning and look, this PS Trunk XXL simulator designed by Fred Pinel is stylish, and covered in leather from top to bottom. The color choice can be customized according to your need ranging from red, blue, yellow, white or even purple leather. But the customization bit doesn’t end here only as you can have it in nickel, chrome or gold finish with stingray, ostrich or crocodile exotic skins. Now what everything related to high-end gaming this beast hides inside is mind-boggling.

It has a Sony Bravia full HD 3D LED panel measuring 55 inches, PlayStation 3 Slim gaming console, four pair of 3D glasses, 8 + 1 PS Move and PS Eye to detect movements and 14 PlayStation 3 video games. To complete the gaming experience of a life time this simulator has 2 pistols, 4 buzzers, 2 microphones for karaoke and racing seats complete with steering wheel and peals to burn the tarmac with racing games from the Need for Speed series.

The arcade is detachable from the front panel so that you can enjoy remote play and the inner terminal has charging panel to recharge the PS Move. it also has an integrated iPhone/iPod dock so that you can enjoy crystal clear music when gaming has taken a heavy toll on your eyes. The Arcade Trunk XXl will set you back 67,000 pounds and an added 10,000 pounds for two extra simulation chairs. I’m sure if you have money to shell out you’ll definitely want to buy this luxurious arcade simulation rig.



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