Gundam themed rooms and suite at bayside hotel in Tokyo

Gundam themed hotel rooms Tokyo

Being a Gundam fan you should already be living in Japan but if you haven’t been fortunate enough until now, then this is perhaps the right time to pack your bags and fly to Tokyo (your capital of anime dreams). In Tokyo, Hotel Grand Pacific Le Daiba is luring the geek in you with world’s first Gundam themed rooms. Some may go on to compare these with the batman themed motel room, but we’d perhaps refrain.

The three rooms of the bayside hotel, two of which can be converted into a suite, have everything from décor to wallpaper and from linen to carpets drenched in Gundam fever. Do they serve Gundam food, don’t ask me, even I am guessing!

Targeted towards both young and old Gundam fanatics who’ve grown up watching the 33-year-old animated TV show, the rooms are good for either family outing or a geeky congregation. The giant robot themed rooms can be rented out for 17,000 Yen (approx. $215) per night, while the ones opting for a suite may end up spending 26,000 Yen (approx. $330) per night to satiate their Gundam fantasy. On renting the rooms, besides being a living part of the Gundam affair you also get free tickets to the Gundam Front, an expo Tokyo dedicated to the Gundam.




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