RightingBot: Lizard inspired robot mimics gecko’s righting movement to perfection

Robots are being made to mimic humans and animals; we’ve seen emotional robot and robots that perch like birds. We’ve also seen robot dogs and lizard robots – RightingBot, a simple robot with a small body and a long tail is just another lizard inspired robot of the future. RightingBot by Ardian Jusufi, Robert Full and their colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley, like the lizard swings it long tail in mid air to rotate its body the other way to land on the ground on its feet.

The robot is being inculcated with this lizard instinct to help engineers’ device more stable air and land based robots. For understanding and developing the RightingBot researchers studied the righting movement of a flat-tailed house lizard and a green anole falls in detail only to find that the two, when dropped back first, very miraculously flipped themselves around to land safely on their feet. A study the researchers believe will be beneficial while designing robots that will negotiate complex environments.

Via: EScienceNews



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