10 functional belt buckles to hold your pants tight in style

Belt buckle have always been the favorite fashion accessory that helps keep your pants perfectly around the waist. Over the years belt buckle has evolved into something that every young as well as old person wants to add to their wardrobe. But some really geeky blokes out there have a collection of their own techno belt buckles which more than meet the eye and that too with some resourceful functionality. So let’s have a look at some of the best functional belt buckles that will make your average belt buckle look all so old fashioned and devoid of any geeky factor.

# Belt buckle spy camera

If you want to spy on someone for a good reason of course, the belt buckle spy camera is perfect as it records from waist eye view. Loaded with 3GP recording, battery backup of 3 hours, microSD card with 2GB storage capacity and one touch record button spying is going to be fun with this belt buckle with faux leather and metal design.

# Solid gold, hi-precision mechanical belt buckles by Roland Iten

Catering to the elite class audience, Roland Iten (men’s watches and accessories designer) has come up with this collection of solid gold hi-precision mechanical belt buckle made using the same manufacturing processes used by Geneva watch-making industry taking up to 9-18 months. The belt buckle retails for a mind-boggling $25000, but hey, if you the moolah then it is price you’ll surely be willing to pay.

# Scrolling LED belt buckle 2

If you want to show the world what’s on your mind every time you step out on the streets this scrolling LED belt buckle 2 can be your geeky fashion statement. It can store up to 6 messages which cannot be more than 256 characters long and the chrome finish frame makes your belt your personal billboard.

# NES belt buckle

This functional NES controller belt buckle is perfect to show your love for gaming as you can use it to hold your pants from falling and when you do lazy cozy on your couch it is your controller to take on buddies in the virtual world.

# Human skull MP3 player belt buckle

This one has to be one of the most geeky and cool looking belt buckle which is a MP3 player too. Having a built-in MP3/MP4 player and FM radio complete with LED light module, you’ll never miss a groovy beat with this Human skull MP3 player belt buckle. With 1GB memory storage, 1.5 inch LCD, varying color patterns for screen, stereo headphones and LED lighting it is perfect to show off your geeky style.

# Chrome calculator belt buckle

If you are bit weak in calculating numbers then this belt buckle should be on your priority list. Chrome calculator belt buckle priced at $ 14.99 can be a good fashion accessory for students who like to cheat in maths or accounts exams.

# 2 in 1 C-Note $100 Bill Flip Top Lighter Belt Buckle

This stylish belt buckle is for those who like to light up their cigars in style as it comes with matching flip top lighter which is very carefully integrated into the lighter design of the buckle. The flints of the lighter can be changed any time because of the pot leaf design.

# MP3 belt buckle

Deemed as a belt buckle for wrestlers, truck drivers and other tough guys around the globe, the MP3 belt buckle looks like the championship belt of a wrestling match, of course in a much smaller scale. Developed by mechanical engineer Casey the MP3 player can change music just by the movement of the pelvic bone to the side you want to shuffle tracks.

# NES Console belt buckle

Made from the countenance of a derelict Nintendo Entertainment System this belt buckle turns on the power and to the amazement of your buddies all go amazed.

# iPhone belt buckle

This is a DIY that you can set out on making yourself and get yourself a bling way to brag on the streets about your new iPhone 4S. the iPhone belt DIY comes complete with the instructions on how to make it yourself and all the apps that will turn it into a bling screen displaying different visualizations, one of which is the iPhone Bling app.



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