Student designs lightweight foldable car seat for child safety

Driving frequently from Norway to New Zealand and back with his three children and wife steadily become a hassle for Reagan James. The lugging bulky seats of the car were his major area of concern, being an engineer he took upon himself to find a solution – and boy did find one. But it was his son Niklas James who years later showed off at the Harvard Business School a design for a lightweight foldable car seat that’s come to be Safeboard and has got Niklas to the final round of the MassChallenge 2012.

The Safeboard, which is a product in development by Boston-based start-up Te Tama, is a design for a light and foldable front facing child seat that’ll weigh about 12lb and will fold up to the size of a small surfboard. The Safeboard when folded is fastened by a latch which can be opened by one hand to form a car seat for toddlers. The car seat which could revolutionize the car industry will offer uncompromising child security and is believed to hit shelves in 2013.



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