Hasbro shows KRE-O U.S.S. Enterprise and 2013 Star Trek sequel teaser trailer

One toy store that’s always tickled my geek sense is Hasbro its Lego-style sci-fi KRE-O toy line has been mindboggling to say the least. Now, after being licensed for Star Trek by CBS Consumer Products, Hasbro will premier some of its upcoming Star Trek play-sets along with KRE-O Star Trek digital short produced by Bad Robot at the 2012 Comic-Con, San Diego. If that’s too far for you and you can’t just wait to see what’s coming, Hasbro has released images of the KRE-O version of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

In a groundbreaking achievement, to everyone’s amazement Hasbro has teamed with J.J.Abrams, director of the upcoming Star Trek sequel, to release Stop-Motion KRE-O Trek Short – a very similar to original teaser trailer of 2013 Star Trek sequel made entirely in KRE-O blocks. Hit the jump to the teaser trailer.

Via: Seibertron



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