GolfSense 3D swing analyzer makes you a pro without the coach

Enter GolfSense and you may just have a reason to bid your golf instructor adieu. The tiny swing analyzer with 3D sensor sticks up to the Velcro on your golf glove and very easily analysis and gives you real time feedback of your golf swing, club speed, club position, swing tempo and path, so you know when you’ve hit the ball with that perfect swing. This first ever 3D sensor system comes with a free mobile app and connects to the phone using Bluetooth to let you analyze each section of your swing from every angle possible.

With the installation of the app and by connecting it to the phone all you have to do is simple press the yellow button on the device and the sensors inside the GolfSense will capture and save every swing. The impact detection, when turned on, ignores the practice shots and records only the shots in which a contact with the ball is made. At $130 the GolfSense is the cheapest and easiest way to become a golfing pro.

Via: GolfSense/CoolMaterial



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