LEDock iPhone dock with ring flash to shoot studio quality pictures and videos

The first ever iPhone dock with photography ring lighting for taking professional product shots with perfect backdrops is here and it is featured on Kickstarter platform. Called as LEDock by its inventor Kelvin Geis, this dock will come in very handy for photography fanatics who want to shoot stable, well lit videos or take impressive pictures, in a way it is a ring flash for your iPhone in the shape of a Anglepoise lamp. The dock has single handed docking method and is compatible with latest iPhone 4S version and also with the yet to be released iPhone 5. Your iPhone will fit perfectly inside the rotatable ring of this dock and the 108 LEDs that utilize a mere 8 watt power provides for a very impressive photography or video shooting experience.

LEDock comes in two color options, black and white whereas you can opt for the inside body make in two options as well, silicone boot or spongy EVA foam with adhesive backing. The dock is ultra-secure when it comes to holding the iPhone in its place even when you are rotating it in acute angles. Once you flip the outer ring of LEDs away from inner dish then you have iPhone ready circle having 30-pin dock connector for mounting the iPhone and a grab hook to make it steady.

# LEDock in action

Via: CultofMac



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