Full-scale replica of SpaceShipTwo passenger spacecraft at Farnborough Airshow

It was just two days back when we saw the world’s first functional jet engine at the Farnborough International Airshow in Hampshire, England. And it was yesterday that the full-scale replica of SpaceShipTwo (world’s first civilian passenger spacecraft) was seen at the show. Richard Branson’s passenger spacecraft slated to take civilians into space as early as next year would be in England for people to see all this week.

SpaceShipTwo’s parent company Virgin Galactic announced at the Farnborough International Airshow that 529 wannabe civilian astronauts have signed up for the 60 mile (90km) high trip to the edge of space in the cool $200,000 (£129,000) spacecraft. Branson and team consider 529 a magical number because its one passenger more that total number of people that have traveled into space till now.

Virgin Galactic also informed that the SpaceShipTwo will be carried 50,000 feet into space by the WhiteKnightTwo and then released into space, where six travelers and two pilots will be let free to experience weightlessness before the SpaceShipTwo is made to descend back to the spaceport in Mexico.

Via: Virgin Galactic



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