Space travel destined to moon’s surface for your DNA comes with a price tag of $10,000

Space travel has always been a never dying fantasy for the human race that perturbs researchers, scientists and common man too because of the intriguing possibilities that await humanity in the future. Taking this fantasy a step further the Omega Envoy team, one of the prime contender among many space travel agencies for sending robot to the moon as a part of $30 million Google Lunar X Prize challenge.

Now the interesting thing is that if omega Envoy team manages to launch their spacecraft into space with the robots there is going to be one more surprise to it. You can send your DNA sample aboard the spacecraft too for a price tag of $10,000 in online donation. The mission is scheduled for December 2014 and will be funded through Kickstarter platform.

So if you are interested in taking your DNA up to the moon and long for a space odyssey that no one else could afford, Omega Envoy’s private moon mission is the option to choose for.

Via: Space



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