1993 Subaru Impreza WRX + Audi A4 + BMW E60 5-series = BMW 5-series Quattro Audi

Take a look at this roadster that looks like an Audi A4 from the front and BMW E60 5-series from the rear but actually it is none of these cars. It is in-fact a 1993 Subaru Impreza WRX and the owner of this car has transformed it into a Teutonic-Japanese-Teutonic masterpiece for dirt-cheap 4,000 British pounds. Now the reason why I say this hefty amount to be cheap is the fact that in a way this car gives you the good looks of three cars, from separate brands.

To earn all the three cars you would have to spend a fortune but this way you can have the goodness of 3 in one. Under the hood is a 2.0 liter boxer engine with five speed manual gear shift and it has clocked 110,000 miles so far. The predator brakes and tons of receipts also boost the performance a notch further.

Via: Hooniverse



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