Pelican backpack collection with hard-side casing is perfect for adventurous expeditions

Want to go on adventure trips and expeditions with the fear that your backpack is not going to be good enough to take on the rough weather conditions? Well, worry no more because Pelican backpacks are here to take your supplies through rough adventure trips. The new collection of ProGear division backpacks include four models having hard-side Pelican cases embedded into the bodywork for more protection. Pelican deems this range of backpacks as the burliest ever backpacks built and one of them is the U100 Urban Elite Laptop Backpack that has solid poly case built which is waterproof for 30 minutes of underwater submerging.

The backpack can easily accommodate 15 to 17 inch laptop inside the hard casing and the impact protected front compartment has 16 liters of capacity for other gear. For stern protection there is a pressure release valve for opening and closing the case at high altitudes or on a plane. The cost is on a bit higher side at $300 but hey, look at the full proof protection it offers. If you want to go for a less expensive backpack of the same collection, there is the U145 priced at $110 which has hard side case, padding and protective features.

Via: GearJunkie



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