BikeLink helmet lighting system increase visibility and safety for motorcyclists

Unless you are fond of riding your bike into the Death Valley you’ll need some kind of a safety device to keep yourself secure on road. Well, what batter than the BikeLink, an advanced electronic helmet lighting system that lights up to increase visibility and safety on road. The BikeLink connects transmitter to a motorcycle’s wiring harness and attaches easily to a rider’s helmet using a strong, weatherproof rubber adhesive pad.

Fastening the BikeLink to the helmet is simple; the user is just required to follow the particular color guide provided with each model to attach corresponding labeled wire clamps on the BackLink Transmitter. The lighting system attached to the helmet instantly responds to rider’s activity while braking, running or turning, thus assuring the rider that his activity is communicated via the helmet using Digital radio frequency to all the vehicles nearby as visual light indication.

Powered by a rechargeable battery the BikeLink makes sure the safety and comfort of the passenger isn’t overlooked, when two are riding. The single BikeLink unit can sync to multiple helmets, thus the brake light brightly shines from the passenger’s helmet instead of the rider. This makes sure that the bright light doesn’t shine into the passenger’s eye and that the brake light or the turn indication is visible to the vehicle in the vicinity.

The BikeLink is launched through Fundable (a crowdfunding platform) where a pledge of $109 means a pre-order for BinkLink helmet unit. Hit the jump to see a real working prototype of the helmet lighting system in the video below.

Via: Fundable/CycleMatters



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