Plastic Surgeons Lego action figures that transform back into a handheld game

Have a look at this Lego soldier that transforms into a bulky SEGA Game Gear accompanied by Sonic games; Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Blast. As primary weapons the Gearhead uses the battery blaster rockets hooked onto the shoulders and the left hand has a shotgun cannon powered by Chaos Emeralds. Completely transformable, these action figures can be assembled and disassembled in a jiffy and the transformation from a gaming console to a full blown Lego warrior. This Lego project was inspired from the previous Legoformers but is much better when you have a look at the way batteries have been accommodated in the space for use and the stickers that give it a distinct look.

Plastic Surgeon action figures are a bit thicker than the real Game Gear so this is the reason for having two batteries instead of the conventional 6 battery setup as space had to be compromised for the transformation into a soldier. The Lego project is a dedication to Albert Cadabra, a New York City based magician and sideshow performer. Have a look at some more pictures of Plastic Surgeons in both forms and you’ll surely say the words “Wow this is smoking geeky”.



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