Apache series travel guitars from Vox relives the 60’s era

The latest range of Apache travel guitars with build-in Amp and Rhythms from the legendary Vox brand that took guitarists around the world by storm in the 1960’s is here to rock the scene again. Apache 1 and Apache 2 are the two new reborn guitars that somewhat take design cues from the famous Vox Phantom and Teardrop guitars. Apart from that the Apache travel guitars have built-in amplifier with 3 inch Vox speakers, overdrive switch, 66 onboard rhythm patterns and convenient E-String Tuner.

The guitar comes in four color choices per model with sealed vintage style tuners and 26 hours of playback running on 6 AA batteries. The body is made of basswood and the guitar neck is made from hard maple with the fingerboard made from rosewood.

Have a look at the video below to see Vox Apache Travel Guitars in action.



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