Lego Star Wars Landspeeder replica is a jaw-dropping creation

Those who have geek blood running in them and are in Lego-love must know about the Lego Cuusoo. Lego Cuusoo is like a breeding ground for the ideas that relate to the development of new Lego creations. Now, one of the users named Dapper-D2 has come up with Star-Wars inspired Lego replica which is named UCS Star Wars Luke’s Landspeeder. It is a Lego replica of landspeeder – a fictional anti-gravity craft driven by Luke Skywalker around on Tatooine in Star Wars. The dimensions of this Lego landspeeder replica are interesting as it measures about 13 inches in length and 7.5 inches in width.

Dapper-D2 was so eager and enthusiastic to make the UCS Star Wars Luke’s Landspeeder that he actually forgot to take an account of the pieces that were used to construct it. A rough estimate by him is of 700-900 Lego bricks that have gone into this amazing DIY creation. The mere look of the craft is cool enough to mesmerize the Star Wars and Lego fans. It has been prepared with passion which is evident from the details that have been given to its structure. It has a curved windshield with the two front seats. Even one of its engines has been brought out artistically.

If you love this Lego work, then you can suggest building it as the next Lego sets on the Lego Cuusoo. Dapper-D2 needs about 10,000 supporters so that this concept can actually become a set that can be bought by those who like it. It certainly is so far the best Lego landspeeder that has been conceptualized and surely deserves to be replicated. As of now, the Dapper-D2 has just 70 supporters, so if you wish to give him some motivation then go ahead with supporting his UCS Star Wars Luke’s Landspeeder.

Via: PCWorld/LegoCuusoo



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