DIY Dandelion Painting that comes to life with the blow of air

Having a look at some spell-bounding painting evokes so many emotions in our mind and when the painting is interactive you can very well imagine its worth. Pu Gong Ying Tu has created this Dandelion Painting that comes to life when you blow air onto the white puffs as the seeds disperse into geminating new flowers. In the beginning these flowers are basic yellow dandelions but after a while they bloom into white seed puffs. All this magic is achieved using the modern day circuitry hidden beneath the translucent paper on which this painting is made. There are micro-controllers, LEDs and microphones which listen for any wind blows to put forth the effect.

There are Yellow and white LED lights that can be coded to achieve the desired effect by either dimming or brightening the light acting as dynamic programmable paint strokes that make up the petals and seeds. The painting is inspired by Jessie Thompson and Zachory Berta’s “When is a Flower Not a Weed” and is a part of many to follow programmable paintings that have perfect amalgamation of color, texture and composition with intelligence of electronic circuitry.

Via: Technolojie



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