DIY Steampunk Laptop looks steamy good and is packed with performance under the hood

To create such a Steampunk design you got to be a geek to the core and that is exactly what Mr. Uhl is. This Steampunk Laptop that he calls as the Uhilan Calculator is finally complete and is awe-inspiring to say the least. Made from an old Toshiba Satellite 1100 laptop this makeover certainly seems to catch my eye twice over and what’s even better this is a DIY project so you can venture out on making one for yourself too. Some of the parts used that give it that very grungy Steampunk look include old brass car horns, copper T-pipe, latchet, red velvet hand rest, wood stain and profiled timber.

Steampunk Laptop has a unique key switch that is activated by the owner only and the QWERTY keyboard is automatically extended into a 15 degree position while unfolding perfectly in tune with latest ergonomics needs. To follow how to accomplish making this Steampunk Laptop yourself head straight over to Instructables.



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