Radian turns your smartphone or ordinary camera into a full blown time-lapse photography rig

Motion controlled time lapse cinematography equipment does not come cheap by any stretch of imagination and for photography buffs having some way of shooting professional level time lapse footage is like a dream come true. Probably this is the reason why Alpine Labs (California-based startup) has come up with a solution to this very craving of photographers and it goes by the name Radian. Essentially it is an affordable way to shoot motion controlled time lapse footage with modern day smartphones and DSLR cameras.

Radian is capable of shooting almost professional level time lapse footage which is having perfect parameters for the pan/tilt, span, duration, start or stop time and number of frames to be shot. Radian can rotate from side-to-side, tilt up and down with utmost ease and also speed up or slow down the shooting time with utmost ease; to be precise it can do anything you want to do in order to shoot those creative time lapse shots. For Cannon users the device has been integrated with bramping (bulb-ramping for smooth transitions), speed ramping and time-delay settings.

Radian works very well with any time lapse equipment like motorized dollies or time-lapse triggers so you can be rest –assured of amazing time-lapse shoots just using your Android or iOS smartphone and any other camera. The project is up on Kickstarter platform and if you want to see this amazing idea get into full production then back it up.

# See Radian in action below

Via: Gizmag



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