Going for an international flight in a homemade plane sure seems promising

“I’m trying to find a way available to just about anybody. Do you want a wave runner or an airplane? You can leave the country in this thing. You do the math.” These are the words of Norman Lewis who hails from Southport and wishes to go for Bahamas trip in his homemade plane! Norman has just completed his ultralight plane with which his hopes of going for an international flight are attached. The most unique thing that this aviation lover has in his mind is that he wants to do something that hasn’t been done before. To Lewis, his homemade plane is like a Lindbergh flight.

Lewis started visualizing an ultralight plane into something much more about 20 years ago. With years of working and conceptualizing on his ideas, he has now completed the homebuilt plane which he says is ready to go all the way to Bahamas from Southport. As per Lewis, the basic intention of him behind making this international travel is to prove it to people and world that ultralight planes can be used for the functions like traveling and payload utility. This also will reduce the chaos that one generally experiences at airports. Just slip into your ultra-light plane and fly down to the destination on your own is the message that Norman Lewis is trying to spread.

There are a few things that are needed for a plane to be called as ultralight. Firstly, to be an ultralight plane, it must weigh less than 250 pounds. Secondly, the plane can only have a single pilot with not more than five gallons of gas. If two these qualifications are met then one can fly even without a license. Coming to the design that Lewis has worked out with, his ultralight plane has a generator engine that can function at very high rpm’s for pretty long durations with good air speed and wind tail. As per Lewis’s estimation, around three gallons of gas will be enough to ride across the Florida line. He has full faith that his prototype has business caliber and will be an affordable flying method in the future for people who can’t afford to spent much. The time will tell how good Norman’s hypotheses stand out in practical. For now, we wish this young at heart man ‘all the best’ for the journey that he will start this fall.

Via: WWayTV3



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