Lego Wall E with moving arms is closest iteration of the real

MOCpages user Mister Lego has been a dedicated Wall E fan – he had previously created a motorized Lego version of the Wall E robot that could move its arms and had a bug friend along. He is now back with the version 2.0 of his Lego Wall E that people have actually liked in more ways than one. This second version of Disney-Pixar’s Wall E is immensely detailed and is more accurate to the real than its predecessor. It, like the first version, features moveable arm and a very detailed moving head that took Mister Lego the longest to make. In case you don’t have a task you want the Wall E to undertake then the Wall E here can easily tuck away its arms outside its chest compartment that can be opened to show a compact storage area. The Lego Wall E is result of great labor, hit the jump to see the full set of photos.

Via: MOCpages



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