Bespoke custom arcade gaming machines are upbeat on gaming in style

Love for arcade games will never die and for arcade machines too. For this very reason London based Bespoke Arcade is taking arcade gaming to the next level with their custom handmade arcade units that make your gaming love even more affectionate. Bespoke showed off their EVO standing cabinet and prototype flat pack cabinet at the Mad Catz Unveiled Event in London and fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken were the highlight. Although the prototype unit was a bit rough on design element from the edges, the whole experience of gaming on these machines was exhilarating for the addictive gamers.

The EVO cabinet has support to plug in PS3 and Xbox 360 with around 350 licensed retro games including Metal Slug, Commando and Gun Smoke. Not only that you can increase the collection by installing the MAME emulation software which will take the number up to thousands. The custom arcade machines are doubled up with speakers and 28 inch HD TFT screens.

To watch these arcade machines in action and more insight from the experts hit this video link.

Via: TheGamersHub



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