Scratch built Maserati 450s based Mazzer roadster is homemade dream car

Some people have a bizarre fad for making things they desire, is weird a correct word? I’m not sure, whatever it is – it sure is a fabulous knack. Wil de Groot is one such creator who likes making his own cars, yes you read that right! Making drivable roadsters from scratch. Built around a shabby Maserati Quattroporte, Groot’s Mazzer roadster is a homemade, custom-built dream car that slightly resembles the spirit of the Maserati 450s. It’s not actually like the latter because Wil didn’t want his car to be a Maserati replica – but it his roadster is surely a cross bread of a vintage and a modern drive.

After years of dreaming and building the car, Wil has finally got is Mazzer roadster seasoned up in all blue. Everything in his electrifying DIY car, except the nose which is still in primer, is colored blue. It’s a monochromatic blue – and seats, MOMO steering wheel, Wilton carpet, brake calipers, mirrors and seat belts, all are painted blue. The Mazzer roadster features a stock V8 engine from the Maserati Quattroporte with other components all assembled to make the Mazzer. Bil’s creation was the eye-catcher at the Belle Macchine D’Italia – largest Italian car show. Hit the jump to see more image of the Mazzer roadster.



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