Citizen scientists in Beijing will monitor city’s air quality with Pollution sensing kites

While quality of air is a severe predicament around the world, in Chinese the problem is really serious. The Government of China may refrain from releasing data about air quality in Chinese cities but the fact that air quality in Beijing is a grave problem isn’t hidden from anyone. Thus, with the innovative project called FLOAT Beijing, being carried out by a duo of Carnegie Mellon University graduates, Deren Guler and Xiaowei Wang, citizen scientists in Beijing will now monitor the perishing air quality themselves with pollution sensing kites.

The kites’ embedded with Arduino pollution sensors and LED lights will measure the air quality in the city of Beijing. When the kites are flown the implanted sensors will detect pollutants like volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide and particulate matter and then LEDs will light up green, yellow, or red to indicate the level of pollutants detected in the air. For now FLOAT Beijing project which was up to raise $2500 via Kickstarter has reached its goal at the end of the campaign. Organizers are expected to conduct workshops to educate citizens of Beijing on how to assemble the kites on first two Saturdays of August.

Via: IEEESpectrum



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