GO-GO convertible rocking chair doubles as a workstation and racing simulator

Don’t you wish that your regular rocking chair could morph into a workspace device or a racing chair for playing simulation games like Need For Speed? If this is all that you wished for then your wish has come true with GO-GO convertible rocking chair which can be your rocking chair while listening to serene music, a dedicated workstation for important work online and a racing cockpit when you are in the mood for playing racing simulation games. The main motive behind this intuitive design was to have a chair that can have multiple uses without any compromise in space and GO-GO convertible rocking chair does this very well.

The chair has laptop tray for accommodating any laptop up to 17 inches and as far as gaming goes you can play latest racing simulators (Gran Turismo or Need for Speed, NASCAR or Formula 1) courtesy its robust controllers used for driving simulations. Because the driving seat is made from a car seat in motor vehicle it can be adjusted anyway you want.

GO-GO rocking chair is fully adjustable and also light weight at 55lbs so that you can easily move it around. The side panels of the chair are made from birchwood that can be painted in any design you want. The project is currently up for backed up funding on Kickstarter platform and the price of the chair will be anywhere between $399 to $999, depending on the amount of customization you opt for.

# GO-GO rocking chair in action

Via: Geeky-gadgets



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