Carbon fiber Aston Martin computer case is handmade to perfection

I’d be blessed to have an Aston Martin computer case parked at my desk, sadly but I don’t have a friend like Derek who’d build me one. Custom-made by Derek Smith for his friend (I can’t express if fortune) the PC that emulates the luxury sports car is made from scrap PC parts but is good to perform as good as any other PC. It took Derek some eighty odd hours to hand pick and assemble everything from Cooler Master’s Cosmos S it’s based on to a 2006 Mercury Milan dash clock graced in blue lighting.

The whole case mod is done up in carbon fiber trim with matte finish while the woodwork near the aux ports is Bubinga Gloss Wood Vinyl. Derek’s got a AMD Quad Core Cooler on top of the PC with lower front grill made with 4 in 3 Cooler Master HDD Modules for that Aston Martin look.

Stuffed in with A780GXE/128M AM2+ Motherboard, 260GB SATA 2 hard drive, HDMI port and lots of USB 2.0 and 3.0 slots, the Aston Martin PC case mod come with a custom-made USB 3 Card reader and GeForce 8400 graphics. The computer case uses 430 Watt PSU with the second PSU sucks in power the run the clock. Because it is custom built for his friend Derek hasn’t priced his awesome creation.

Via: CaseModBlog



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