Be a civilian astronaut for human colonizing Mars mission in 2023

Are you always fascinated by the red planet Mars, then Mars One (Dutch Company) has reason for you to get excited already. They are going to hold a worldwide lottery for 40 positions to be civilian astronauts and ones who’ll be selected will go through three month desert simulation training. After that the number will be filtered down to 10 for the elusive year 2023 mission for the first ever human settlement on Mars. The catch of this mission is that once you’ll set your foot on Mars you’ll not return back on Earth which is a very mind numbing thought in itself, but someone has to do it sometime so why not you?

Bas Lansdorp (founder of Mars One) said that the mission is very optimistic and they will send 4 people every two years after the initial landings. The project is very entrepreneuring and the 2023 deadline seems to be well in view and with almost one decade of technology advancements still to look forth to, Mars One’s dream of colonizing the red planet is very probable.




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