World’s first double teardrop guitar Perle is here with its killer looks

This beautifully crafted guitar by Dagmar named Perle is something different from what this elite guitar maker had to offer in the past. Perle guitar is carefully crafted with the amazing black gloss and Alien-esque top horn. Now the interesting thing is that this guitar is the world’s first double teardrop shaped guitar made possible due to the partial funding by Ontario Art Council. As you can see from the pictures, Streamline Moderne period of the late 1930’s is pretty evident from the make of the guitar with tapered sound port shrouds amplifying Art Deco styling.

Perle is made without F holes and hones three sound ports for air intake for a longer bass wave formation to flow easily from the guitar. Upper grill is made from hand crafted eight teeth strands of carbon fiber using simple disposable pressure mould and the teardrop shrouds flowing from zero to a elegant flare as it approaches the bottom half. The unique red binding around the sound plate made from Kevlar strands give a glowing appearance to Perle which is cool. All in all, this guitar is perfect essence of future elements mixed with design cues from the glorious 1936.

Via: GuitarNoize



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