Hakoani 3D projection device creates virtual objects that can interact with real ones

How about the prospect of having a 3D projection device that can create 3D images with which you can interact in real time? Surely sounds geeky and the technology is here to amaze us all in the form of Hakoani which is made of semitransparent mirrors reflecting image onto a device like the iPad. One can place an iPad or any other solid object under the pyramid so that any skilled animator can interact with the virtual images to produce the effect. For example in the demonstration the virtual girl in the box doesn’t seem to be doing much but when we consider the applications like home decoration or business presentations it has huge prospects.

Hakoani is priced at 36,750 Yen (US $470) and major chunk of that money is due to the high-grade film used on the mirrors to eliminate distortions. The interesting thing is that the 3D projection formed can interact with any real object kept inside the box. So have a look at the video below to know more about this 3D projection technology.

Via: RocketNews24/GadgetItMedia



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