Hot Rod pedal powered cars to be auctioned for celebrating 80th birthday of 32 Ford ‘Deuce’

Remember the pedal powered cars from your childhood that evokes so many memories and feelings? Well then to commemorate 80th anniversary of 32 Ford Deuce which apparently became the most liked hot-rodder’s car, there is a collection of pedal-powered hot rod cars up for auction on RM Auctions for collectors delight. Each of these nine Deuce pedal cars are designed and build by different custom car builders with each of them started with identical 1932 Ford Roadster pedal car build by Warehouse 36. All these rare pedal powered cars will be kept on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA, later to be sold in auctions spanning till 2013.

# 1932 Ford “Respect Tradition” Custom Pedal Car Built by Hollywood Hot Rods (Burbank , California)

# 1932 Ford Custom Pedal Car built by Steve’s Auto Restoration (Portland, Oregon)

# 1932 Ford Salt Flat Racer Pedal Car built by Rad Rides by Troy (Manteno, Illinois)

Via: PistonHeads



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