LaunchPort iPad charging system joins the club for most expensive Apple accessories so far

You might have seen loads of iPad docks but I bet you would not have seen something like this. An iPad charging system that costs almost three times the iPad itself is surely a niche in the huge market for Apple accessories and it surely had me taken ablaze. Strut’s LaunchPort iPad charging system costs a whooping US $1250 which is quite heavy pricing in spite of the elusive finish of the charging station. This docking station is hand-crafted from stainless steel material and coated with triple chrome layer for that extra shine. You can choose from amongst four different finishes including walnut burl, carbon fiber, leopard print or the sparkling pink one.

The steel base secures the iPad to this docking station courtesy the neodymium magnets for inductive charging which sets in as soon as the iPad is docked into this charging station. Strut’s LaunchPort iPad charging system will be debuted at the New York International Gift Fair after which it will be on sale. But the vital question is why one would want to buy this ultra-expensive Apple iPad accessory when they can buy other better things? The only justified reason could be that you have loads of money at your disposal.

Via: ChipChick/Gizmodo



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