A dad transforms plastic race car into full blown racing car for his kid

Being a father is not easy when your kids are growing up and need time as well as the things important for their mental as well as physical development. Evan (aged 5) is one lucky kid who has custom modified Lightning McQueen Powerwheel race car built by his dad because the original Lightning McQueen Powerwheel lost its plastic wheels and could be hardly driven. Evan’s father replaced the stock plastic wheels with metal rim and rubber tires for long lasting life and that’s not it, he took the modification three folds better. He replaced the plastic chassis with aluminum and fitted the car with gel batteries, disk brakes, 500 watt 66 horsepower electric motor, throttle modulated variable speed control with reverse gear and Sparco battery cut off switch.

Now if I was Evan, I would be one happy chappy because now the car goes much faster is more stable and looks damn cool. Have a look at this video and you’ll know why Evan is one lucky kid on this planet.

Via: CoolDudeStuff



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